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Master of Chemical Engineering Program

The Chemical Engineering Master Program – Diponegoro University (PSMTK UNDIP) is an academic education program with a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering organized by the Chemical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. PSMTK UNDIP was established to meet the quality and professional human resource needs in the future in developing science and technology in the field of chemical engineering through conducting research and creating innovative and tested works and applying them in solving problems in society through multi-disciplinary approaches at the national and international level. Internationalization through collaboration in the fields of education and research with similar institutions abroad is expected to accelerate the UNDIP PSMTK in achieving its vision as a reputable master program in 2020.

The PSMTK UNDIP was established based on the Operating License (SIP) of the General Director of Higher Education of the Indonesian Ministry of National Education No. 642/D/T/2005 dated March 3, 2005. At the beginning of its establishment, the PSMTK UNDIP was organized under the Diponegoro University Postgraduate Program until the end of 2012. Starting in 2013, the PSMTK UNDIP was under the coordination of the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University.

As time goes by, various improvements have been carried out including the quality improvements of teaching staff, laboratory facilities, the teaching and learning system, also guiding and increasing the output of student publications as graduation requirements. In 2010, the number of doctor teaching staffs had reached 15 people, while the number of professors was 4. The PSMTK UNDIP was accredited and received B accreditation status in 2010 (BAN-PT Decree No. 005/BAN-PT/AkVIII/S2/VI/2010). The results of this accreditation were valid from June 24, 2010, to June 24, 2015. The next accreditation in 2015, PSMTK-UNDIP received A accreditation based on the results of the BAN-PT decision contained in Decree No. 503/SK/BANPT/Accreditation/M/V/2015 starting May 30, 2015, and valid for 5 years.




The PSMTK UNDIP is going to be reputed at the national and international level in 2020.



To realize the stated vision, the PSMTK UNDIP has formulated its mission as the implementations of the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi which is supported by good governance systems such as the following:

  1. Organizing education quality to produce competitive graduates
  2. Organizing research quality to produce national and international publications, intellectual property rights and technology packages.
  3. Organizing community service in solving problems with the application of science and technology through consulting, mentoring and training services.
  4. Organizing good governance to guarantee the quality, professionalism, capability, and accountability.



The PSMTK UNDIP graduates have an average GPA of 3.50 (out of 4.00) with an average study period of 1 year and ten months. Students of the PSMTK UNDIP have the opportunity to participate in a Double Degree or Joint Degree in a master’s degree program at partner universities. Until now, the PSMTK UNDIP has produced graduates who are qualified and successful in various professional fields, such as lecturers, researchers, managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, etc.



To achieve its vision of becoming a reputable study program while at the same time gaining A accreditation status, PSMTK UNDIP keeps improving its quality in various fields, one of which is by cooperating with domestic and foreign universities.

The dual/joint degree collaboration has been carried out with several universities, such as:

  • NTUST Taiwan (ranked 300th in the world)
  • Pukyong National University of Korea
  • University of Twente Netherlands (ranked 190th in the world)

So far, the PSMTK UNDIP has sent eight students to 3 foreign partner universities by their fundings, and there are also scholarships from the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology’s BPKLN. Collaboration with several universities in Indonesia has also been carried out such as the Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta, UPN Veteran Yogyakarta, and Wahid Hasyim University, Semarang. Collaborating with these domestic universities helps to provide facilities and access for outstanding graduates from the university to get a master’s education in the PSMTK UNDIP.

The research cooperation has also been carried out, among others:

  • DTU Denmark
  • University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • Wageningen University in the Netherlands
  • and several universities in Germany and Malaysia on behalf of individuals, laboratories, and institutions

Additional output from the student thesis has also been enhanced by producing publications in reputable international scientific journals indexed at SCOPUS and Web of Science/Clarivate Analysis, Accredited National Journals, and Indonesian Patent Registration. Besides, students and supervisors also actively present their papers at national and international seminars. Even every year there are 2-3 lecturers invited to be invited speakers, keynote speakers or visiting lecturers at domestic and foreign universities.



For further information please contact:

Chemical Engineering Graduates Program of Diponegoro University

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Website: http://www.tekim.undip.ac.id

E-mail: pasca_tk@undip.ac.id or andrewkomoro@che.undip.ac.id

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